In dieser Rubrik findet ihr ein paar Texte aus den Booklets diverser CDs oder Cover (auch von Platten). Die Texte der CDs "Slaves To The Rave", "Terrordrome III" sowie "Traumatismo Y Terror Vol.2" habe ich selbst abgetippt, der Rest stammt, bis auf die beiden "Thunderdome - 'The Best Of'"-Texte, meist von Benutzern der Diskographien-Datenbank Discogs.

2H 2H - Too Hard To Handle (1996)
Find comfort, strenght and protection among each other as we strike back against the establishment, who've abused our generation too long now. FUCK'EM - WE'RE 2H-2H.

This cd was compiled in association with: Coolman, SPC Music, Industrial Strenght, PCP, Goblins, H2OH, Cosmic, Jupiter, Traxtorm, Astral, Babyboom, ID&T, EMI, Powerplant, VHU, Boomtown Beats, Twisted Vinyl, G.W. Productions, Hard Compund, Cenobite, BRRR Records.

Special thanks to: Edith, Fred Berkhout, G.T.O., Dennis [sic] Doeland, Debby Amnesia, Tessa, Joan, Dione, Stefanie, Christel Moonen, Animotion - Yuri & Natal, Donald Beekman, Peter Niemeier, Rusty.
Art by Animotion
Graphic design by Donald Beekman 1996

Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Charlottenburg (1995)
Text bei Discogs (siehe auch Kassetten-Veröffentlichung auf Urban)

Darkcore 5 - Underground Nutrition For The Paranoid Souls (2003)
A&A Music is honored to present Darkcore 5 including a mix by U.K. DJ "Simon Underground".

After his set on the Darkcore party in Amsterdam we got a lot of requests for a Simon Underground mix on the Darkcore series. With a selection of tracks from doomcore to speedcore all mixed with unbeatable DJ skills!

The mix includes tracks from some of the finest producers around including Traffik, The DJ Producer, Nasenbluten and many more. Mixed in 1 session with no digital editing using 2 X Technics 1210s and Vestax PMC05PRO.

This mix illustrates why Simon Underground has been ahead of the pack with his unique style of turntablism that has been astounding hardcore fans all over the world!

Drokz & Tails - All Styles & No One Tells Us What To Do (2002)
We don't care if you think "Are Drokz and Tails now true speedcore or commercial bastards??". We are here from day 1 and we will be there when you are quitting. The attitude of a gabber is that he does what he wants to do. No discussion.
And ask yourself this...which dj,producer or mc do you actually see having a hell of good time on a party?? Not the one playing and go straight to the backstage room... the one that goes to the dancefloor and jumps his legs off...
Think about that and decide who is real and who is not !!!!!

For the people trying to diss the north're so f**king spoiled. North gave you already the best UK and international Dj's, MC's and PA's. If they wanted to make a lot of money they book the stunned guys instead of Destroyer , or Scott Brown instead of Manu le Malin.
Be Thankfull that people in the UK care about hardcore otherwise it would die!!!!
Keep that in mind when you are talking bollocks the next time mf's...
Drokz and Tails.

Fear Of A Ruff Planet II - The Quest For Justice (1998)

1998: After 3768 eons of war against opression and slavery
DJ Ruffneck discovered that "vultures" where poluting his own planet
even worse, they where members of the government that ruled his planet.
During the time he was absent to fight for his holy mission:
the war for art-core justice and liberation of his people,
he and his soldiers then returned to the planet once more
to fight for this goal.
During this battle it became clear that nothing
would be the same anymore .... ever !
Now it was time for everybody to show their colors ...
Along the way they lost many "soldiers".
These traitors, who chose to be part of the other side
got cursed, exoriated or simply executed ....
However, during this battle they also found out that the legends told by their ancesters were true !
One of these legends tells the magical mutation of transforming into the the ultimate battle machine ,
needed to survive even the worst of events. And that is exactly what happened !!!
No longer would these patriots be known as Ruff Soldiers , they became .....Gangsta'z !!!!
This album contains some of the chants of this battle and is therefore called
The Quest For Justice.

Fraxion - Body Snatchers (1996)
In the beginning of GABBER birth, we decided to join
in and form a group. FRAXION is alive!
We were ready to wind up the Gabbers to the MAX!
Now we're gonne FUCK UP the reality and feed the souls
of all Gabbers everywhere! HARD CORE NEVER DIES !!!

                                               -Johnny 7 & DJ Savage-

Hardcore 100 - Best Of The Best (1997)
Back in the late eighties, a new sound appeared on the European continent. DJ's in Clubs all over Europe started experimenting with a new style of Music. This sound was harder and more aggresive than the dance music which was popular at the time. This new style soon became known as "House Music", according to the legend, named after "the Warehouse", a club in Chicago, where the style was first tested. Soon Housemusic became extremely popular and house clubnights and secret houseparties were organised all over.

House music soon developed into a number of different styles, which each had it own scene. The hardest style in House soon became known as Hardcore or Gabber. The true breakthrough of Hardcore on a major scale came about when ID&T organised "Thunderdome, The Final Exam". Whis was the first of many huge raves that would soon start to dominate the Hardcore nation. A new breed of artists appeared on the scene. A strong beat, distorted melodies and good mixing by the DJ's were more important to keep the dancefloors filled than regular artists. Therefore DJ's became the new stars in the party scene.

Meanwhile, Hardcore spread across Europe like wildfire. In Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Holland and England, producers and DJ's started to create their own styles. Live acts became more and more popular and raves soon developed into seas of light and sound, while crowds of thousands were hyped up by live performances, DJ's, MC;s and dancers. Gabber even got it's own dresscode in Holland: Bald heads and expensive training suits, along with high priced sneakers. Although Gabber became popular with thousands, it never really left the underground. There are still hardly any radio stations that play Hardcore and there is only one Gabber TV show in the world.

Hardcore Hundred - Best Of The Best was created to show you the hundred ultimate tracks from the people that started and supported Hardcore through the years and the acts which are making Hardcore ready for the future. The styles on this four CD set vary from Old School to superfast Hardcore Gabber and from hard-to-find tracks to recent Gabber Hits.

The tracks all have one thing in common: they represent Hardcore in its purest form. Hard hitting beats, distorted noise, wacky samples and a super aggresive flow of energy kick the living shit out of the eardrums of those who are brave enough to endure this four CD set.

This compilation is dedicated to The World Wide Gabber Nation.
Hardcore Will Never Die.
Stay Down With The Hardcore!

Hardcore With An Attitude (1997)
Thanks from DJ Chrizz...
Special thanks 2: Patty Boom Music (4 making my dream come true), Martijn van Valen 4 the help he gave me, The Midtown "boefjes" (Leonardo, Nilz, Herbie) and my dear girlfriend 4 the supportive help.
Greetings 2: My family, all "boefjes" from Wijk bij Duurstede, all labels for the licensing, 7 Gates to Hell, Radio Balans Den Haag, M & M Productions, Maarten "Hakkuh" Visser, DJ Charlie & Leonie, DJ Syndrome, DJ Defender, DJ Morlock, DJ The Beast, DJ Fuckface, DJ Ilco, DJ Viper, DJ Gizmo & The Darkraver, Eden Radio, De Kronkel, DJ Wizzkid, The House Viking, Down Under (every weekend Hakkuh) and everybody I forgot.

Headbanger - Are You Afraid Of The Dark (2001)
Headbanger the story so far.
As a commander of the dark army he was sent 2 earth by the overlord of darkness.
His mission: prepare human kind 4 the invasion of the darkside.
He entered our sweet dreams and ultimately he became the nightmare man of things 2 come.
In his house there is no law!!
With his alter ego (Alienator) he preyed upon new victims 2 recrute 4 his army.
Now a new chapter is added in completing his final task: 2 invade the earth.
Headbangin beats with the flavour of the g-core. It's time to strike cos it's war!!!
Be Prepared...

P.S. Now tell me...Are u afraid of the dark?!"

Hellraiser - The Final Connection Between Heaven And Earth (1993)
Thanks to: Rave Records, Rhythm Import (D-H), Combined Forces, Feedback (for all the help, Dana, Jerry (Midi hoogleraar), Goldfinger, Mazzo, Galaxy, The Bridge, Bonzai Crew, Frank R, Peter van Wijngaarden, 12-Gauge Records, Rob Gee, DJ Repete, Moneypenny, Biochip C, Speedfreak, Raveline Germany, Kim, Pavo, DJ M, Cellie, Hugo & Dennis, Damon Wild, Dano, The Prophet, Hooligan, Kokkie, Jeroen Flamman, Paul Elstak, Mac the Hey, Club 45, Rave the City, Dance to Eden, Heerlen Posse, ID & T, Dance Tracks, Megarave, Dreamteam, Genlog, Mijn stad DEN HAAG!!!, Hollywood, Marco Wenneker, Tony M, Tiny S, Akai en Roland (# 1 equipment!), Attalos Amsterdam, Bad Vibes, Maarten Visser, Parkzicht, dj Rob, Labworks, Overdrive, C-Tank, Eindhoven Posse, Kadance, CJ Bolland, Mid-Town Records, Mental & Lownoise, Petrov, Rave Club, One, Dimitri, Rey, Marcello, Eric Nouhan, Vandy, all the other DJ's (kick the NOISE!), Henry?, Ron & Dennis, and everybody I forgot to mention...! Special thanks to: Stad Den Haag, Rob & Coen, Stephan en de rest, Maarten, EVA en natuurlijk Dark Raver en Buzz Fu.....eeezzzz!

Dark Raver

Stad Den Haag and GIZMO (who made me what I am today). Parkzicht (dj ROB for inspiration) and of course GABBER music, (the music I swear to play until I die!) All the party organisations I played at except Hellraiser (2-the-loo, Raymond!!!!) All the clubs I played at, escpecially GOLDFINGER !!! (BEN waar zijn mijn muntjes?) en alle VROUWEN die aan mijn kont zitten !@#$%'&* Rob Velders, Coen, Fd (mag ik in je bed?), Stephan, Bart, bruine Ed, Raymond CALIBRA Bos, Ron, Dennis, Dj Valk, Erick, Ludie, Robert, Rave (R'Dam), Dj Paul, Mac, Dj M, Sega and the Dreamteam for accepting me for who I am !!!(Can't live with or wthout you, GIRLS!) Gabbers uit HAKSTAD!, (Hofnar), Den Bosch, Limburg, Heerlen, Rotterdam, A'Dam, Almelo, en alle Gabbers die in mij geloven. THE WORD FOR FAITH IS "HAKKUH"!!

Buzz Fuzz

First I wanna thank my teacher: Le Champ E-On! for learning me the "fijne kneepjes" (know what I mean, nuch, nuch, say no more!) Then I wanna thank all Party-Oganisators for letting me play for my promotional reasons! The ntire DreamTeam Family, also thanx to all Ravers, Partypeople and everybody who buys our CD'S and Records!!! But most of all I wanna thank all who believed in me! (keep believing, Heffie, Beffie!) Last thing I wanna say: Hi Mum (thanx 4 letting me out!!!) Peace Y'ALL!

HHS Bros & DJ Cek - Haarlemacerata E.P.
Text bei Discogs

House Party 12 - The '94 Summer Of Love Edition - The Hardcore Ravemix By DJ Rob & DJ Paul (1994)
"Trip to hardcore-heaven without using drugs!"
Is DJ Paul's best medicine for a real party. This DJ from Rotterdam started his career when he began to work for Midtown. Soon he became the mainman behind Rotterdam Records. Paul thrilled the globe with hits like "The Nightmare", "Get Down Everybody" and the popular "James Brown Is Still Alive" which also became a radio-hit. Paul produced acts like Neophyte, Hard Attack, Sperminator, Euromasters and the Rotterdam Termination Source (Poing!). DJ Paul is a deejay who knows how to produce a good record for other deejays. Paul is Holland's first and best hardcore producer who performs and spins more abroad (Mayday, Germany/USA/France/Bonzai, Belgium/Finland and Greece) than in Holland.
Paul is good, Paul is hard, Paul is the best...
Paul is on this mindblowing Arcade cd!
We are gonna blow the roof of your house... (the whole street)
Bang, bang, bang! Try to be proud, be a gabber and play it loud!

DJ Paul's favourite track on this album is:
"Technophobia" by Bass Reaction.
"This track is funny, happy, hard but not too fast... I love it".
"Don't spoil the scene by using drugs!"

Says Holland's number 1 hardcore deejay... DJ ROB.
After a period of 5 years performing and spinning in several clubs and at many national and international raves, DJ Rob, who once started in the hardcore/house-palace Parkzicht (Rotterdam), became famous all over Europe. About 5 years ago, Rob shocked his audience, who were bored by all the sissy disco-songs, with a new and extreme sound...

This is the moment that hardcore was born!

Soon DJ Rob became a role-model for the hardcore/house scene. Many respectable organisations (like Dance To Eden, ID&T, LoveJoy, Rave The City, A Nightmare In Rotterdam) invited Rob as headliner for their party's. Besides spinning Rob does a lot of succesfull recordproducing on his labels Noculan, Chemo Records and Coolman Records. He scored several big hits like "The Beat Is Flow", "Loving U" and many, many more...
To enjoy the style of DJ Rob's spinning, Arcade gives you the opportunity to party at home like you never partied before. If you play it, you can only play it loud! Turn up the Bass go to hell... and back again... Pierce and tattoo it on your ass... Hardcore will never die!

DJ Rob's favourite track on this album is:
"We Gonna Get This Place" by Too Fast For Mellow.
"This track is a real floorfiller. It Is The Ultimate Gabbertheme".

Megarave III (1994)

July 1990, George went to the club Nighttown in Rotterdam, where he was confronted with house music for the first time. A new experience in a new atmosphere. An atmosphere where everybody seemed to be having fun.
For his first big party, The Ultimate House Party (21-12-90) at the AHOY in Rotterdam, he used Nighttown as an example. Ronald Molendijk (Nighttown), Paul Elstak (Holy Noise) & Dano were the D.J.'s that night. Live on stage were Fierce Ruling Diva, Turntable Hype and lots of dancers. This was the first succesfull big rave in Holland.

In july 1991 George organised a party at a mysterious location, the Maasvlakte!!! (a beach with a very industrial skyline). About 750 people attented this small try-out party with unknown D.J.'s like D.J. Hardcore and D.J. Mellow Lover1. Nobody would have believed that this party would be the foundation for the biggest house event ever.

EURORAVE 92, location: Maasvlakte. A small fluorescent flyer was used to draw the attention of lots of ravers and invite them to come to the beach and party in the sand. D.J.'s were Abraxas, Paul, Roos, Remo, Zoeff and Jeroen. Live acts: Fierce Ruling Diva, M.N.O., 80 Aum, Meng Syndicate and Holy Noise. Thousands of people came to the party and had a wonderful time.

After this huge succes (EURORAVE II) there had to be a sequel, which took place on the fifth of September. Again thousands of people showed up to listen to Paul, Per, Gizmo, Roos, Mac de Hey, Holy Noise, V-Room and the 80 Aum Experience.

Due to the cold and the demand for another Eurorave, George tried to find another location. The only location possible in Rotterdam was the Energiehal. The EURORAVE III (19-12-92) just had to be a succes with D.J.'s like Westbam, Paul, Mac de Hey, Roos and acts like Rotterdam Nation (R.A.W.) and 80 Aum.

(6-3-92) The EURORAVE IV at the Energiehal-Rotterdam. A new dimension in the house scene. Astonishing light effects, full-colour lasers, a gigantic videoscreen and an 'earthquake' noise system to provide a 140dB sound. D.J.'s Rob, Gizmo, Paul, Hooligan, Dark Raver, Roos, T-Base and Mac de Hey. Live: D.J. Rob & M.C. Joe and Human Resource.

Miro Pajic - 1993 > 1999 - Selected Highlights & Unknown Worx (2004)
Miro, known as a former part of the legendary Planet Core Productions / Dance Ecstasy 2001 Pozzee
       has written a few mentionable pieces of modern rhythm and sound over the nineties. this [sic] CD contains
             some of his most known tracks plus composions never heard. Eventually you will discover the great variety
                    of styles and their individual perfection. Thanks for your attention and enjoy this fine compilation...............!!!

Napalm Rave Vol. 5 (1997)
It's 1997 now. About six years ago, several European movements have been starting to experiment with hardcore. The strongest and biggest grown scene was founded in The Netherlands. The so-called "gabbers" are famous nowadays all over the world. Lots of countries followed their example and hardcore-raves became the "picture of the Nineties". In Rotterdam, the Capital Of Gabbers, strong waves of underground rebellion are growing in order to innovate gabber into a new school at this very moment.

Planet Hooligan is a foundation of producers working worldwide. By a strong and hidden network they try to infiltrate the "known-hardcore-heroes-club" and express the changes of a new order.
Mission: the creation of new vibes.
Previous editions of Napalm Rave are amoung the hardest underground compilations ever released.
Lately Napalm Rave grows into a hardcore-doubler containing more styles of rebellian underground which is necessary for the final frontier in the hardest housemusic: total freedom in digital expression.

And that's our ultimate goal! But remember: this expression is human, so please ... HOOL IN PEACE!

Some of the tracks on this compilation are made especially for this project, most of them are already released on vinyl or will be released on black plastic soon. The vinyl labels include: Hool Recordings, Napalm Rave Records, Rotterdam Resistance & Hooligan United Ltd.
Mixed at My Private Hell & The North Bunker.
All tracks are published by Planet Hooligan Music.
We leave the thank-you's behind: our beloved, truly believers and licensors know we have deep respect...

Negative A - Double Negative (2006)
Text bei Discogs

Rave Massacre (1994)
Hooligan would like to say hello to:

Jeff, Tim, Frank, Pavel, Dennis, Mark Oh, Blöden Gerbheide, the whole Dorsten posse, Charly, Claudia, Nicole, Jürgen and everybody at Westcom, Martin Hönes, Tom Scholten, FC Schalke 04 (Sandra, William, Dirk, Vladimir at Low Spirit), Charly Lownoise + Theo, Dicker Ollie, Alex Christenen + Andrea, Caba, Ramon, Jens, Peter Carmen, Gizzmo [sic] + Dark Raver (Yo, guys - drop your pants!), Groove Club, Ruud and Michael and I.D.+T. (Thunderdome), the whole Switzerland posse, Hans + Jose in Espana, die Zecke Nadine, Mario de Bellis, Jens Masphul, Pascal F.E.O.S., Maik Maurice, Stephan Horn, Tac from Hannover, the whole Hannover posse (specially S+S), Hausfrau Mate, George (Fettsack) und Natasha in Holland, all the guys from XSV, Marusha, Max + V.V [sic] Dick, Armin + Jürgen at Frontpage, alle, die ich vergessen habe [sic] kommen beim nächsten mal dran.

Hooligan´s question of the year:
Wo ist Barry? Hat hier jemand Barry gesehen?

Hooligan would like to say: "I love you" to:

Hooligan thinks:
Techno ist Kultur - und Techno lebt (The Culture)
Techno is culture - and culture lives (The Culture)

Ruffneck - Da True Core (1997)
Since man came on this Earth there was music and along with the evolution of man the music also had his own evolution. Nowdays there is a great variety of music and artcore is just one of them, but artcore is more. Artcore is energy, artcore is pure, it's a way of life.

This compilation, that is proberbly pumping into yer mind at this moment, gives you an insight of the best hardcore tracks from the past and the present. We very carefully selected these tracks to give you the right picture and leaving the bullshit out.

We devided da compilation into two seperated parts. Da first part (the hardcore zone) is just the Hardcore as you all know it, but there's more. The second part is called the Experimental Zone. This part shows you that.
It's to expand your mind, to give you an insight of the other styles, that there is more under the term Hardcore. Or is this going to be the future-music...?! Who knows...

We hope you will enjoy this compilation and just keep in mind that we respect you the same way as you respect uz!!!

Pleaze, stay true to "Da Core"....
The Ruffneck Alliance

Ruffneck Soldiers Message PT.1

Hail To 'The Tower'
The commandopost from where the Ruffnecksound is being spread amongst it's soldiers.
The sound on which the die-hards will march on, party after party again.
Being a Ruffneck means more than being one with da artcore.
You have to become one with the universe as the universe becomes one with you!
We all look forward to the day that our bodies lay down to rest and our spirits make the long journey to the end of the
universe and beyond!!! That's where the Ruffplanet exists and all our minds will join forces to live in peace and eternity.
Until that special day arrives, there is a lot of work to be done!
We have to show the world that we are of good will.
Real Ruffneck-soldiers like us do not need or use drugs! We are not of violant behaviour and most important of all: we are no racists!!!
We're just people who like to enjoy the good things in life and that means party, party, party!!!
Spread this word amoung the other soldiers, so our army will grow until we are one big party-nation!

Ruffneck, thanxx for da artcore, we will never desert you!!!

Written by D. & A. Van De Wielen.
(just two of so many Ruffneck soldiers...)

Slave To The Rave - Definition Of A New Style Part 1 (1994)
After Technohouse and Gabber comes the 3rd Wave of Hard Powerful
Techno-Sound, Spirit & Strength - which is Midtempo Style!
'SLAVE TO THE RAVE' Part 1 features
the Creators and Innovators of this new Breed.
Activate Your Core and get Ready for PART 2. Thanx to all Supporters which made this Project possible.

Terrordrome - The Hardcore Nightmare (1994)
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Terrordrome III - The Party Animal Edition (1994)



Absolutely no liability will be taken for
side-effects [illness/shock/brain-damage/loss of
hearing/nervous disorders/balance
outbursts/dementia] or any related illness
caused by noise level and/or explicit content of
this sound recording.

The Gabber Story (1998)

In the beginning of the 90's some Chicago DJ's got bored of playing every weekend the disco classics of the '70/'80 and decided to make their own style of music, called "house"!

In 1991 some Ducth DJ's got bored of these soft Chicago house music, and did speed-up the beat to 180 bpm and more. This new style of music was born in the harbours of Rotterdam. The big illegal gabber parties in Rotterdam where joined by thousands and thousands young people, where they met eachother in mysterious and unknown warehouses during their weekends. The politics and the police forces tried to stop this new style of house music, by arresting the organizers of these illegal gabber parties. But with the mega parties like Thunderdome & Hellraiser they lost this impossible fight!!!

Gabber (also known as hardcore) went so popular, that "Poing" reached the number 1 position in the official dutch single charts in july 1992.

In 1993 some gabber DJ's speed-up the gabber beat to around 220 bpm and terrorgabber was born. After that the bpm's went slower again, which succeeded in the most succesfull gabber style called happy hardcore. Artists like Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo, Critical Mass, DJ Roy, DJ Paul Elstak, Tokia, DJ Primo and many others, are nowadays in the official single charts listed.

This 2-CD contains 5th Gear's greatest gabber hits!!!


Terrorheads Against Cancer (2007)
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Thunderdome - 'The Best Of' (1995)
The best of Thunderdome is listinging to the best hardcore you have ever exprerienced. Uncompromised undergrond music produced by house adicts like you. Thunderdome is not only listining to you favourite music. It is a way of living and an expression of your attitude towards life. Since 1992, the year that Thunderdome was born more than 1.500.000 Thunderdome albums were distributed all over Europa and some other parts of the world. Thunderdome stood and stands for unmatched raving experience. Hundreds of t thousends of people enjoying many hours of pary time never to forget. Whether your on your ownk or amongst huge crowds of Thunderdome ravers, the fast beat will flow through your body causing extacy almost unhuman. The best of Thunderdome is not the end of a series of outstanding quality albums of raving madness, but only the beginning of more to come for your enjoyment and life style. Thunderdome is made for you and by you. Thunderdome is you. See it, feel it, be it. HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!!!

Übersetzung aus dem Internet:
"The best of Thunderdome" heißt den besten Hardcore zu hören, den du jemals erlebt hast. Kompromisslose Undergroundmusik, produziert von House süchtigen wie dir. Thunderdome ist nicht nur deine Lieblingsmusik zu hören. Es ist eine Lebensphilosophie und ein Ausdruck deiner Lebenseinstellung. Seit 1992, dem Jahr, als Thunderdome geboren wurde, wurden mehr als 1,5 Millionen Thunderdome-Alben überall in Europa und in anderen Teilen der Welt verkauft. Thunderdome stand und steht für unübertroffene Rave-Erlebnisse. Hunderttausende genießen stundenlange Partys, die sie niemals vergessen. Egal ob du alleine bist oder unter einer Menge Thunderdome-Ravern, der schnelle Beat fließt durch deinen Körper und erzeugt beinahe eine unmenschliche Ecstase. "The best of Thunderdome" ist nicht das Ende einer Serie von Qualitäts-Hardcore-Alben sondern nur der Beginn einer Reihe weiterer Platten die dich voll auf deine Kosten kommen lassen. Thunderdome wurde für dich und von dir gemacht. Thunderdome bist du. Sieh es, fühl es, sei es. HARDCORE WIRD NIEMALS STERBEN!!!

Traumatismo Y Terror Vol.1 - Lucifer´s Reincarnation (1994)
wat is’n „hartkor“?
Dies hier ist nichts für Trance-Tüten. Nichts für Jungs, die schon lange keinen mehr hochgriegen, dafür aber auf einem Rave in irgendeiner schmutzigen Ecke rumliegen, Dope rauchen und irgendwann zugequalmt "kuscheln" gehen wollen.
Nichts für verstrahlte Blödiane, die den ganzen Abend oder ihr ganzes Leben lang nichts spannerndes zu erwarten haben als vor einer blubberden Videoanimation zu liegen.
Genauso wenig wie für kleine Mädchen, die hoffen, daß durch softe, einfühlsame Klänge ihre Hüften nur ein bißchen schmaler werden. Nichts für Dämlacks im Indianerkostüm des Vorjahres, die irgendwann im Verlaufe des Abends eine Sammelbüchse auspacken und für die Rettung von Delphinen, Walen und sonstigem Meeresgesindel Kleingeld abgreifen, das sie nachher für noch mehr Dope und die anschließende Heimfahrt mit dem Taxi selber verplempern(Ich war einfach zu breit mit dem Fahrrad zu fahren).
Dies hier ist nichts für die Volkshochschul-Töpferkursteilnehmer des letzten Tribal Raves.
Das hier ist nichts für zappelnde Breakbeatkinder mit ihren blöden Zipfelmützen, in denen sie immer so doof aussehen, was sie auch wirklich sind. Und hopsen und springen wie Batterie-Häschen zu den ewig immergleichen jämmerlichen Sesamstraßen- und sonstigen Kinderfernsehmelodiensamples.
Dies hier ist nichts für Krawattenträger, die in der Disco mittels Bestellung eines Rum-Cola irgendwelche Miezis in pailettenbesetzten Rüschhemden abschleppen wollen und dazu zu DJ gehen und sich den Urlaubshit des letzten Sommers wünschen. Das hier ist nichts für Brillenträger, die sich nicht auf die Tanzfläsche trauen,

... sondern nur etwas für solch’ unbarmherzig knallharte und gnadenlose Hordcore-Groovers, wie Dich!!!

Pfeif auf die Lutscher, Stricher, Softies und Nixchecker... und „Bop ‘til U Drop“ mit traumatismo y terror.

Traumatismo Y Terror Vol.2 (1994)
What Is Hardcore? Part II
Techno- und Hardcore-Musik ist im herkömmlichen Sinne abstrakte Musik. Jedenfalls für Leute, die sich nicht mit dieser Art von Klang- und Geräuscherzeugung bschäftigen bzw. sich dafür interessieren. Die Melodien und Rhythmen werden dabei im Computer und Synthesizer erschaffen; man hat nicht die Möglichkeit, Ihre Entstehung zu "sehen". Man spürt oder hört den Schlag der Bassdrum, kann aber die Erzeugung nicht beobachten - wie bei einem Drummer am Schlagzeug.

Diese Tatsache hat in den Anfängen von Techno & Hardcore dazu geführt, daß oft behauptet wurde, daß "das ja keine 'richtige' Musik sei". Mit diesem Blödsinn müssen wir uns glücklicherweise kaum noch herumschlagen - auch wenn es immer noch Ignoranten gibt.

Hardcore als solches ist eine Lebensform geworden, die sich vom "normalen" Leben in vielerlei Hinsicht unterscheidet. Wer diese Musik liebt, dem reicht es nicht aus, immer nur zu konsumieren - der will selbst kreativ werden; sei es als DJ, als Producer, Veranstalter oder als weiß der Teufel was!

Hardcore ist nicht nur Musik, Hardcore ist Leben, Hardcore ist Kunst, Hardcore ist Mode, hardcore ist innovativ, Hardcore ist härter als hart......BASTA!

We know you want it harder!
Und weiter geht's. 'Traumatismo Y Terror Vol.2' ist rasanter, härter, schneller und wahnsinniger als alles, was bisher dagewesen ist. Erneut zeigen die gefragtesten und besten Acts, daß in keiner anderen Musikrichtung die Kreativität und der Life-Style so angesagt sind.

Hör' doch einfach rein - und Du wirst uns verstehen. In keiner anderen Musik-Szene strömen die 'Party-People' aus aller Herren Länder zu so gewaltigen Events zusammen, um nach dem Motto "jump, jump, jump a little higher!" miteinander zu feiern. Und das, egal ob du schwarz, weiß, gelb oder rot bist.

Also, genieß das Leben, feier bis zum Umfallen und schenk Deinen Eltern ein paar Ohrstopfen - sie haben es verdient.


Tunnel Of Terror (1998)
The History of The Tunnel of Terror goes back to 1993 where Europe's largest festival "Mysteryland" was held in Lelystad (H). The tunnel was 50 mtrs. long and only a few mtrs. wide, the only lights were strobe's and the tunnel was constantly filled with smoke while the two walls that consisted of speakers were pouring out noise of the most terrifying kind from the deepest realms of the earth, at an incredible volume of 130DB! The tunnel stayed open for 48 hours straight and the people who survived truly deserved the name "Die-hards". Now it's 1998 and we are 5 years further on and while the dance scene split into numerous different styles the power of the true underground is still lurking. For the true die-hards we have compiled this cd with a lot of care so that you can listen to the newest and all-time favourites of the hardest sound on this earth the way the party people have experienced it in the famous Tunnel of Terror.
This could be the ultimate way for you to release all your anger and frustrations of everyday life.

We also want to warn you for the next Tunnel of Terror that will hold place on Mysteryland someplace sometime in the summer of 1998. With DJ's like: Manu le Malin, Lenny Dee, Don Demon, Laurent Ho, Drokz we will make this night unforgettable. See you in HELL!

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